European Youth Parliament (EYP) Club
A club that aims to introduce students to EYP (European Youth Parliament) by providing sufficient learning material and give them the chance to gain experience via participating in various sessions themselves in the aftermath

Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of the United Nations, with each participant representing a country. Throughout the conference, delegates present their solutions to any global or regional problems, taking into account the perspectives of their country. The Model United Nations Conference benefits young people to learn about Diplomacy, the functioning of the United Nations, international relations, and the decision-making mechanisms of countries. The aims of our club are to help our participants acquire the skills of speaking/debating in front of the community, being aware of global issues, writing in an academic language, and being open-minded.

The TEDxGKV club aims to bring the TEDx atmosphere to our school in order to let the students and other citizens benefit from both individual and shared knowledge via the speeches given by the well-trusted speakers in varying areas (e.g.) education, equality, rights, diversity etc. As the TEDxGKV team, our mission is to emphasize the importance of sparking conversation, community and connection. We hope to see all of you at our school’s first TEDx conference the 2nd semester.

Our club’s aim is to be as most useful it could be to you by teaching you a new language. This language, German is the second most spoken language in the whole world thus it will help you in your future career. By learning this language you can communicate with more people who could teach you some valuable lessons. So you must join our German Theatre Club

Young Entrepreneurs
By following a workshop concept, attendees will develop public speaking, marketing, collaborative work, leadership communication, time management and financial management skills. The club will be divided into groups and all groups will be assigned a task to work upon in order to put the product in a marketable position. After the groups have enough data and created their own strategies, they will present it to the jury (the jury will include me and some additional guests of my choice that are informed about the concept) and a ranking procedure will be held via the juries. By following the same action plan after two to three weeks have passed since my club has started, we will switch to another procedure which will be a revised version of the current one. The club will include some unexpected crises’ as well in order to learn about dealing with a sudden and significant negative event.

The purpose of the Computer Club is to provide an atmosphere in which students who are interested in computers and computer parts can share their ideas, knowledge and proficiency with other like-minded students.

A club, wishing to instruct chess to participants whose proficiency differs between beginner and intermediate, all the way from basics and, provide them with an environment where they can arrange tournaments and improve each other by playing in between one another.

In line with our target work plan; club participants will gain body flexibility, sense of responsibility, musical ear, muscle strength and more. Physical development is the first among the benefits of ballet. Atendees learn to easily socialize and help each other between club hours. The club will progress through levels and participants will receive more comprehensive training at each higher level. The program will consist of 3 levels and at the end of the club the participants will have completed the 3rd level. Participants will not only learn basic ballet. They will also learn general ballet terms in French, how to use pointe shoes, and the ability to think abstractly. Contrary to stereotypes, male and female participants will train together in group hours and work by adopting gender equality.





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