Cemil Alevli

Every society, every city has lots of hidden heroes who affected the fate of them. These heroes are circulating on various subjects from language to language names to the fore often occurs. However, they do for the cities and countries where people live, they succeeded, artifacts they left behind and sets an example for the next generation until their term. After the World War I, the cities of Anatolia, which was destroyed by invasions, with the Anatolia Independence War started to recover and creation of a new beginning. This is also one of the cities, to eliminate poverty and misery · Antep which is strongly qualified manpower requirement to give direction to society. Here, they received after completing the rescue mission in the homeland of some of the people who lived in this period successfully land they live showing considerable efforts in the reconstruction and development of the city almost take on the city architect office . These initiatives not only to the substructure and superstructure, reconstruction of the extinct line of business provides an important contribution in achieving development and public employment.

Cemil Alevli

Cemil Alevli was involved in the re-establishment and liberation from enemy occupation of Gaziantep, the spiritual heritage he left behind at the end of his life is a true lover of Gaziantep industry and the economy have created the foundation of the Republic. Cemil Alevli, life philosophy and style, which succeeded the first, taking note of their contributions to national development initiative and efforts in the city of Gaziantep acquire contemporary identity. These days to arrive at the beginning of the founders of the foundation laid by the organized industrial zone of the fifth, guidance and, above all, thousands of manufacturers formed in Gaziantep is a distinct honor for us.

Cemil Alevli was born in October 17 1901 in Gaziantep. His father was Mustafa Remzi Efendi, from Aliveli family and his mother was Beşeza Sait Ibrahim Agha’s daughter Hatice Hanım. Preschool education began with courses taken Fatma Hoca and learned the Arabic alphabet in this period and the Quran. Then, he went to the Mahmudiye elementary school which is in the Balıklı neighborhood and then he received the diploma by completing Numune Middle School. Cemil Alevli, providing training education at high school level and then life continued as İdadisi Trade, name changed Aynül the Ministry of Education. During Gaziantep Defense years, 19 year old Cemil alevli served in Balıklı Facede. He was given a responsibility to transport the children and women in the city to Teksir village and protection of them until the war finished. After the War of Independence had become a ruin city of Gaziantep, the city 's fight against the enemy were destroyed long ball results significantly. At that time, a lot of art in the hands of the Armenian and Greek minorities, and they were separated from Antep during the war. Cemil Alevli lived his childhood as a different person instead of dealing weaving while trying to learn at an early age by his uncle and his uncle looms with the support of their peers started businesses. The fabric which was produced in the counter had been ideal for his greatest curiosity and development. Environmental paying procured the money to the Armenian master of the provinces trying to recruit in this area Cemil Alevli, entered in the first period of life between the major manufacturers in the city, fabrics and woolen fabrics produced in the stalls were sold out quickly almost in the domestic market .His childhood love of textile industry in Gaziantep these days had been the backbone of successful pioneering step taken. The idea that industrialization is a driving force in the city's development was adopted in that year, but what state support for it, nor had adequate capital and skilled manpower. Ali Beşe who was from coming forward to GaziAntep was also Cemil Alevli 's uncle, Many professional arm of the important worked that the Ali five for the revitalization of the city , expressed the importance of education advocated sending young talent to the industry training to European countries. Period manager supports this view and for this purpose Gaziantep Provincial Private Administration by selecting the five young men were sent to Germany for higher education.

That one of the five young men was Cemil Alevli. In 1922, at a ceremony held in front of the high school in Gaziantep farewell to Germany at the beginning of the period of five young men who had Gaziantep deputy Ali Kilic.The next part of the journey for up to 6 days on horseback from Gaziantep, Adana, lasted for about 5 months.After a long and tiring journey this painful, Cemil Alevli and his friends reached Germany. Cemil Alevli after solved the language problem in Germany in a very short period of time began to textile education. Achievements in the course made him a successful student at the school. Alevli, taking note of the important developments that time attracting the attention of various subjects in the form of Germany sent a letter to the Veterans Gaziantep and had them published of this letter in the Gazi Sancak newspaper in Gaziantep. The aim was to provide in Anatolia after the start of the development initiative launched in Germany in World War 1. He expressed in his articles the German’s life styles and Works in the industry and there was lots of important notes which was offering the development of Turkish agriculture, economical developments and ecucational reforms. The articles which was published in the headings Letters form Germany gave a mind to Gaziantep people and helped them.

Cemil Alevli made a alot of important works to show the way and to guide the people who came to Germany from Gaziantep or other different places of Anatolia while he was in Germany, he did his his first succesfull work in Professional field by drawing the textile factory’s projects which was being planned to be found in Gaziantep in 1926. In that day Mines bank, known today as Sumer Bank, wanted to found a textile factory. The Gaziantep elders become the %15 common to the investment which was supported by the Gaziantep enterpreneurs. Plans and projects of the foundation of the factory prepared as a result of long and meticulous research by Cemil Alevli, was laid with a ceremony but this attempt was stopped by the new Economy Minister who came to the place of the old Economy Minister of that period who was from Gaziantep. This laid foundation of the factory, this day is considered the beginning of organized industrial zones. The industrialization of the city was the biggest dream of Cemil Alevli. Cemil Alevli who brought some new brances to Gaziantep married to Mehlika Hanım who is the daughter of the İstanbul judge Mehmet Ali Kavadar. They had three children called Oktay, Nükhet and Ayla. Alevli gave big importance for their children education and he mobilized all opportunities to ensure them a strong soldier of the social development. Since his childhood, the biggest of his idea to found a textile factory in Gaziantep became a reason to live. He needed a big industry to make his idea happen. Cemil Alevli started to different branch of trade.Entrepreneurial spirit created the first nucleus of a great importance for many businesses in these days Gaziantep. Automotive, automotive spare parts, various food products, the modernization of agricultural activities, marketing and distribution of petroleum and petroleum products in Gaziantep was a great service to the development of modern business approach. Gaziantep’s first integrated industrial plant was established in 1932. Over time, Gaziantep started to become a major atraction, it started to migrate from the village and surrounding provinces and the unemployment become the major problem among other common problems. Cemil Alevli had the enough accumulation to build the large plant which was in his dream after he achieved in various business units. Cemil Alevli bought the area which is neighbourhood to Kurtuluş Mosque today and he built the factory and then he installed the modern machines which brought from the abroad in difficult situations. This factory which produced its own electricity began to operations in 1932.

Gaziantep’s first modern, integrated facility Velic Spinning Mill was also a source of inspiration to other people and organizations in a few years. This plant was grown of qualified staff, especially the employment of unemployed came to the city with the migration, and ensuring peace within the city took place in this way significantly. The factory was established in the early works almost like a public training center. Velic Yarn Factory because it lacks a sufficient number of qualified staff in this area, operated as a school for teaching jobs for workers. Today, the position of the elements in a textile factory in the city of masters and chief master, he grew up in the era Velic Yarn Factory. Studies and business ethics in the industry was based on the rules specified in this modern facility. Gaziantep is slowly becoming the industrial city. Cemil Alevli who clinched his textile information that he took in Germany with sometimes his business trip to abroad, and brought lots of technological development and usage to Gaziantep is the pioner. One of the biggest challenges faced in the period was mainly due to the receipt of import permit. Each of the problems in the installation and maintenance of machines may have a different story. In a country which has no infrastructure, it is more than that anticipated the challenges of creating a modern industrial facility. Regular electricity, health infrastructure, transport, communications and other public services is far behind Europe. Cemil Alevli, Gaziantep to achieve breakthroughs in poverty and difficulties and have a say in the industry these days in Anatolia and the first step in moving a point to compete with the countries of the world and became the first guidance. He was like a society teacher who was sharing his informations and experiences to people who would found a new work. His leadership and broad vision towards becoming a modern world city of Gaziantep is one of the important factors.

Cemil Alevli was not like a person who always says “me” and he always shared everything. He served in the social sociations for a long time, becoming members to Turkish Red Crescent and other sociaton which was found for the Social development. For many years, he was a member of Municipal City membership. After 1927 he was succesfully carried out in the Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce President and Speaker of the Assembly Cemil Alevli, industrialists and businessmen in Gaziantep had undertaken the task of leadership in opening up to world markets. In particular, his efforts to make Gaziantep an export hub, made other competitiors engourage in their business, was one of the main factors in his mobilizations. So, Cemil Alevli made a lot of contribution to many sectors development whether it was his area or not, to make Gazianetp open the World. The products which were made manuallly by Gaziantep, he was a guidance to businesman and exporters in the marketing and it was his principle. Velic Spinning Factory renewed itself with technology over time to produce the quality products and it was ranked among the most Turkey’s respected companies, conducted the first example of success in the Gaziantep industry. His life, his work, his success became an example for many entrepreneurs. Alevli also actively involved in politics in 1941 - made the CHP Gaziantep presidency in 1946, significant efforts in solving the city's problems in his private life and showing their achievements in the political life of work had been done. The city's development and in bringing to Gaziantep and the region for the development of the necessary public investment in the social sector believes that the most effective way to pass through politics Cemil Flame, was elected deputy by accepting insistent proposals brought to it.

Cemil Alevli was honest and principled policy during the precidency of both parliament and he eforted for the Gaziantep. Many services performed in his time is utilized today. Land, air and the vital importance of the development of rail transport knows very well, Cemil Alevli threw the first big step for the realization of the airport project. Things work in the community rather than the individual efforts of people from different layers, also carry believes should support these activities. In 1943, the movement to make history Gaziantep Airport, to ensure the completions of Gaziantep campaign this project can not be underestimated at all by starting a campaign for donations. The land which was bought by the campaing money was transferred to Special Provincial Administration and with its support Gaziantep Air port was opened in 1944. The transportation was provided to the city at that time only with a stabilized road. During both the provincial presidency and his parlament mission in 1953 plaaying special deal on the railroad of Gaziantep, allowing the passage of Kargamış route, the weather played an active role in reaching the city of road and rail transport. Between the years 1946-1950, who served in parliament as a deputy Cemil Flame, road, air and rail transport as well as the work on the well, has also given the intense struggle for government investment to be brought to Gaziantep. The Expansion of the factory monopolies, improvement of the road, the launch of an important breakthrough in the field of education to produce solutions to problems such as, the city is closely related to some of these studies. Cemil Alevli was a real volunteer education for training and his way in which the national development of modern civilization and the Great Leader Atatürk. For this, he attached great importance to education and training, had been in financial assistance to several schools and for the first time at the printer's district in 1952 Mehlika Flame Primary School, it was built by the unnamed Primary School on 20,000 m² in Karsiyaka district in 1963. Cemil Alevli with a humble personality, did not want to be given his name to the school, which was built as to allow the reflection of public services in many areas, he defended the idea that such services are the nation fidelity. After his death, the name of the unnamed Primary Education has been changed by the Director Cemil Flame Primary School.

Cemil Alevli throughout his life provided important support to educational institutions, and even gave the news to thousands of poor students without a scholarship own family. These days a lot of people that give scholarships holding his hand, has a say in the management of the city and the country. Cemil Alevli this kind of charity that he certainly didnt reflect society, defended the principle of confidentiality of help After his death, when many people expressed Cemdil Alevli under the auspices of the success they had, the more appeared in an unknown direction. He was not the only educational institutions, but also intelligent and hardworking poor students also took on the role of supporter. Cemil Alevli believed to be necessary in parallel in the development of education with in the development of the industry in Gaziantep. Emerging Gaziantep and developing countries in the near term would be the need for more qualified personnel power but he knew that ever family couldn’t send their children to far cities such as Ankara, Istanbul for the education. He believed that every person should take the quality education in his own cities, so 1963, with a group of education volunteers. To provide training in accordance with Ataturk's principles and revolutions of modern education and foreign language teaching effectively highlighting the Gaziantep College founded, and was fully committed to training the next life. The development of Gaziantep College , growth and development of Cemil flamed floor day and night to have given the enormous effort and such a work training volunteer friends who want sacrifices and Gaziantep is a valuable educational institutions successfully completed with the support of the people of Gaziantep.

On stage at the Gaziantep College Foundation and Survival Association, with the support of Gaziantep, operating under the name College of Gaziantep College, June 6, 1973 and No. 6657 of Ministers took the name Gaziantep College Foundation converted into a foundation by the Council. Since its foundation Gaziantep College Foundation Private Schools not only in the field of education, the city of Gaziantep in the formation of identity and the fact that a contemporary urban world is one of the very important contribution that provides the cornerstone. Gaziantep the college foundation special school has undertaken an important role in the development of the country has trained thousands of students during this time Life philosophy, social studies, Cemil Alevli was an example of the ideals and practice in the reform of human nature, the peace of the achievements realized, passed away on Sunday, April 1, 1972.

As Gaziantep College Foundation, our founder Cemil Alevli will be in our hearts and will be always respeccted.



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