Gaziantep College Foundation Private Schools students Student Affairs Unit , registration renewal and executed by the bureaucratic and other procedures related to national education, students who want to make a new record to our school and the parents give the required information.

Some of the actions taken by the GKV Student Affairs include:

  • Registration, student-parent communications, information updating and forwarded to the relevant departments,
  • preparation of courses and class lists and announcement,
  • The preparation of interim reports and report cards and distribution,
  • Announcement of student grades and test scores,
  • Note slips and other documents related to the protection of students
  • Taking the exam center application ( such as TEOG)
  • Diploma preparation,
  • The preparation of various documents required after graduation.
  • Acknowledgement of the receipt and the results of the scholarship application.



Primary Assessment Unit to measure the basic function of the statutory health education activities carried out in a private school systematically and periodically assess and increase efficiency in education is spearheading measures to be taken to raise student achievement. To create together through participation in the work of the unit policy is adopted. Primary Assessment Unit experts, the first day of the week in consultation with classroom teachers stage 1 it takes about educational activities to be implemented the week. This information paper prepared for 1st grade class assignment in the light. "Worksheets" called these assignments, "fun learning" is handled with sensitivity.

Biriminin çalışmalarında katılımcılık yoluyla birlikte yaratmak ilkesi benimsenmektedir. İlköğretim Ölçme Değerlendirme Birimi uzmanları, haftanın ilk günü 1. kademe sınıf öğretmenleri ile görüşerek o hafta uygulanacak eğitim-öğretim etkinlikleri hakkında bilgi alır. Bu bilgiler ışığında 1. kademe sınıfları için ödev kâğıtları hazırlanır. “Çalışma Yaprakları” adı verilen bu ödevler, “eğlenerek öğrenme” duyarlılığıyla ele alınır.

“Worksheets” Measurement and Evaluation Unit in the body is prepared and printed in the GKV Print Workshop. Fridays, to be answered over the weekend, students in the leaves, collected by teachers Monday classes are examined and evaluated.

This review and evaluation of individual achievements in general and diagnostics, return deemed necessary in order to consolidate and upgrade issues and shortcomings with the method and the grip level again to get the upgrade path. The 4th and 5th at the end of each period in which the work is performed to determine a level exams for classes.

The exam is done by the Assessment and Evaluation Unit. Again, by the Assessment and Evaluation Unit Primary stage 2 classes ( 6.7.8. Classes) prepared for the "Test Leaves"; Science, Mathematics, regarding the topics to be discussed in Turkish and social studies unit, providing a rich source of opportunity for our teachers.


Our Public Relations Department, within the framework of Gaziantep College Foundation vision and mission of the Special School for the effective promotion:

  • Inside and outside school, educational, social, cultural and plans performs sports activities.

  • It informs about this event and other related departments and the necessary announcements, posters and invitations to do their work.
  • Corporate image planning of supportive and promotional material makes the removal and distribution.
  • An efficient school-family- environment work to establish dialogue and cooperation.



Our School of Press Office, the press is governed by our adviser Ali Babatunde. Teachers and students compiled from news texts, photos and interviews and is then transferred to the local and national media outlets.

All printed materials of our school is ready for print by Graphic Sevgi Akyüz.



Gaziantep College Foundation Private Schools Computing unit, with computer labs in our school, smart boards available classes, technology classes and library for our students by providing the connection with the other aims to provide the best service. In order to provide better training to follow the latest technologies in accordance with the requirements of the day also gives support to all other units.

Our school's on-site kindergarten, primary and high school sections as needed by utilizing the high-speed internet, they provide students with interactive training via intenet simultaneously. Our company has been pioneering the use of all the possibilities of modern technology, effective use of computer technology and renovations of information provided by the IT Department.

All communications with in-house computer network environment, the communication with parents is provided through the Internet. All computers in our school is continuously connected to the Internet with a network connection and computer maintenance and support information is maintained by the IT Department.



GKV in Finance and Accounting unit,

  • Our tuition fee of students, billing, payment and all procedures related to monitoring,
  • Checks, ensuring the bank and cash flow, track income and expenses of the organization,
  • Institutions and staff of salary, insurance, taxes and employee rights,
  • Keeping the official books and documents related to accounting,
  • with official institutions and organizations determined by the law and making the statement of correspondence,
  • General accounting transactions that should be covered by the monthly declaration forms and preparation of declarations the creation of income and expense budget for next year and other business and operations are performed.



First aid measures, informed parents absolutely where enough can not be and students, parents reported that hospital such cases the student to perform school medical need is not readily available to parents, teachers and nurses check in, leads to or hospital nearest health center. Students in small classes if you need to use medication during school hours; the drug is delivered to the nurse by the parent or student.
The student's name and surname on the drug package, class, and branches will be given the time and dose of the drug should be written.
Periodic general vaccination will be announced to the parents, carried out by health officials from the Health within the framework of the approval of their parents.
Information about the specific health status of our students Student Health Card processing in order to be notified by the school parents.
Health Centre is important for the health of our students. All of the students are placed in classes medical file through a medical examination. Student-athletes signed licensing of reports made regular inspections.
Necessary information is given to the class about important health issues. Some of these cancers, smoking zaralar are issues such as adolescent education.



150 people in our schools, kindergarten, first grade elementary school for 400 people, 250 people Primary II. · There are 4 stages and independent dining room for 250 people, including high school. Our food and canteen services are provided by a catering company and our spacious and comfortable dining room offers comfortable eating our students.
The catering health and nutrition conditions, students are taken that according to our age and level of development, the school authorities and catering company monthly dinner menus are set by dietitians are supervised carefully at every stage until the presentation of the preparation. age groups are determined by the school administration to start from pre-school preparatory class is obliged to take food.



Transportation of our students is carried out by a private shipping organization. Interior Ministry for Education Service Vehicles which comply with the requirements specified in the Regulation and to provide the majority of uniform and five years of service fleet safe and comfortable transportation to our students consisting of small cars have all kinds of parts and equipment.
All of our services and drive traffic rules, speed limits, students and parents to approach, and similar matters are extremely experienced and have been carefully selected. hostess service officers in each car to ensure there is a problem with the kindergarten students to school transport.
Service offers a free tool for our students performed in close proximity to the school by all kinds of social activities.
Transportation services regularly, and are carefully inspected by the transportation commission determines Gaziantep College Foundation Private Schools, identified problems and complaints are resolved immediately.


OUR SHOP        

School uniforms and clothes that are determined by the school management, students are offered for sale in our store. Students and parents, our school prepared with a price advantage when securing quality and standards to ensure.


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